Leigh Rogerson

About the artist

My name is Leigh Rogerson. I have always been a magpie for bright colours and sparkles and I was told stories by my dad about the Celts from an early age which started my interest. Then we moved to the Isle of Man where the Manx people are very proud of their Celtic history, culture and design which influenced me very much. One of the islands famous sons was a man called Archibald Knox who took traditional ancient Celtic designs and knotwork and “art nouveaued” them. This was called Celtic revival and this is my passion. I look at pre Christian Celtic designs with beautiful, interesting shapes and bring them back to life and up to date with a selection of precious stones and beads. I also love nature and love designing and making the organic shapes of the flora and fauna around me in Scotland. I studied at the school of jewellery in Birmingham then came home to put it into practice. Everything is hand cut from sterling silver sheet, shaped, finished and set with beads or stones and I do commissions and special orders.

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