Stewart Bremner

About the artist

Stewart Bremner is a visual artist, illustrator and graphic designer, based in Edinburgh. His work highlights and celebrates the Scots language, as well as Scotland’s culture, landscapes and more. Two of his most popular collections of work are his hand-drawn views from all over Scotland, that were inspired by twentieth century travel posters – in particular those made for railway companies – and his Scots Sayings posters. Featuring some of the most popular Scots language sayings, these colourful pieces were inspired by mid-century designers such as Saul Bass, giving an unusual modernist look to what were sometimes age-old sayings. Commenting about this work, he says: “for far too long Scotland’s home-grown culture – when it even gets noticed or taught – has been seen as second-rate, embarrassing, or just for the tourists. The Scottish Cringe is still too prevalent. I aim to fight against these negative self beliefs with my work, by shining a light on Scotland’s unique culture. My hope is that in so doing, we collectively can grow to appreciate and celebrate what makes Scotland unique, with a culture that is recognised around the world. Like so many of us, I was taught nothing about Scotland as a kid and so have had to teach myself about my own culture. As I explore that culture, the languages and the history, my work continues to change. I hope you’ll find something to appreciate here as I journey ever onwards.”

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